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How You Can Help August 16, 2009

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How You Can Help

        The Vedic Friends Association (VFA) Membership Program has been instituted to sustain the various projects of VFA. These activities include:

        1. Our work of spreading an accurate understanding of Vedic knowledge through forming publications, lectures, conferences, meetings, counseling and workshops organized for protecting, preserving and promoting Sanatana Dharma worldwide.

        2. Uniting other individuals who are also working in similar ways.

        3. Dealing with issues that may prevent or stifle our freedom to practice the Universal Dharma.

        4. Projects for developing and identifying proper media to help spread the true history and developments of India and Vedic culture, and other projects for the benefit of all people.

        We need the support of concerned individuals like you for contributing to the continuation, protection and further development of Vedic dharma. As the VFA depends primarily on donations for sustaining these important activities, we welcome your contributions at any level you can participate. We also welcome your participation in the organization and its activities.

        If you share in our concern, then let us unite in the cause. Besides being a member and participating in the Vedic Friends Association, which is a free affiliation, you can also give financial donations to help our work. Any donation is tax exempt in the USA, and greatly assists us in many ways, whether it be maintaining our office work, our website, or in the development of new projects like those described above. 

        If you would like to support our projects and endeavors in a financial way, then please print and fill out this form and mail it with your tax-exempt donation to the address below. You will receive a receipt to deduct your donation from your taxes, along with the satisfaction of helping in the preservation and presentation of genuine Vedic knowledge.



City:___________________________________ State:________________ Zip code:_______________

Email: Address: _______________________________________________Country:________________

Donation Amount: [ ] $25,  [ ] $50,  [ ] $108,  [ ] $250,  [ ] $508,  [ ] $1008, [ ] Other $________


Are you already a member of the VFA? [ ] Yes, [ ] No.

If you are not, please be sure to send in a Membership Form so we can include you in the other benefits that come with being a member.

[ ] I am sending this in as a Donor Member.

        Please send this form with your check or money order to:

The Vedic Friends Association, P. O. Box 15082, Detroit, MI  48215-0082  USA

        Thank you for any help you can give us in this cause and we can assure you that every penny will be used in a most productive manner.

        Most sincerely,

        Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana)

        VFA President   (


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